How to Invest: Big Oil

by Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Thousands Protest for NO MORE BIG OIL

Conservation is important

Global Warming, Green Energy.

But for most of us, we need Big Oil.

Big Oil investments pay off, and it affects our portfolios, regardless of where we stand on the issue.

The Highs of Alternative Energy

It’s very unlikely that companies that continue to show losses, Green Companies that are new to the energy industry,

can take any pace vs. big oil.

Like the company Fuel Cell, an alternative energy company. Fuel cell stocks were big earlier this year, when they announced it got an order from Wal-Mart. Now they continue to show the lows and people have lost interest. The investments have been limited.

Investors are getting what they need with the pattern that Big Oil continues with.

Who is going to change from a 400Billion investment?

Big oil makes investors happy. Exxon Mobile, leading oil company with 400b in assets and countless investors. Some investment advisers, don’t shy from saying, You have to have oil in your investment portfolio.

Jesse Solomon, states “To have zero fossil fuel investments in a retirement or other investment portfolio may mean sacrificing returns or paying higher fees.”

It’s a swing for conservation.

Originally posted on September 30, 2014 @ 12:53 AM

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