How to Invest in Currencies

by Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Three Quick Tips to Invest in Currency

Watch the FEDS!

Inflation is extremely determined by the Federal Reserve.

It’s monitored against currency markets, GNP, bank rates and other factors.

BUT I DON”T WANT TO WATCH THE FEDS!! Well we have to listen to them, they print money! They also have huge bearing on bank rates!

Look for some of the services that give daily updates and news, on the changes of this market, which can make it easy to follow to see these changes.

Watch Foreign Markets

If you are worried about inflation in the US and investing, in the currency market, take notice because it’s finicky and complicated. Investment rates in foreign markets, are the needle in the haystack of this trading game. Here are a few pointers to a basic currency market strategy.

When the dollar is weak: You can expect gains on international stocks and bonds because they are worth more than dollars. You have to pay more (one dollar + expected dollar amount) vs. an investment or interest in a currency in the upward swing.

Here’s how to gain, If one foreign market is selling debt at (x)interest, then exchange is made for the bond, or loan paid back in a different currency, you can gain.

Learn From Experience.

Watch the fluctuation of real bond buying and currency exchanges. You can learn how to leverage foreign currency.  Currency exchange is the hardball of investing, the maneuvers are quick vicious and lucrative.

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